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StoneLoops! of Jurassica

Review copies available.

April 4, 2008 – Codeminion has announced that evaluation copies of StoneLoops! – a fast-paced marble popper game - are available for reviewers.

StoneLoops! is a casual arcade puzzler packed with dozens of colorful levels, fast action, explosive game play and pterodactyls! Breathing fresh air into the genre with its unique Pull&Push control mechanics and unusual dynamism, StoneLoops! is a high quality casual title made to actually *entertain* a wide variety of gamers, including more ”hardcore” ones.

Codeminion is a small indie company based in Poland. While the studio itself consists of only a few people, their goals are not small in scale. “We want to make really good games that are fun to play for everyone. Sure, these are [casual] games, but it’s hard for me to imagine working on a title that I wouldn’t like to play myself, just to cater to the mass market” says Tom Grochowiak – game designer at Codeminion. “Magic Match proved that a really fun and polished game can be successful even if it’s made by only a few dedicated developers.” adds Maciej Biedrzycki – Codeminion’s co-owner. The studio wants to continue this tradition with Saqqarah – their upcoming major title.


For review copies of StoneLoops! contact:

Konrad Olesiewicz

Co-owner and Game Producer



Official website with more information, downloads and screenshots:


StoneLoops! of Jurassica Screenshots:


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