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Starbreeze signs with Majesco for next-gen title

Swedish development studio Starbreeze has announced that it has signed a deal with US publisher Majesco for a next-gen console title which the company is currently developing with a view to a 2006 release.

The firm, which most recently created the critically acclaimed Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay for Xbox, has not announced any details as to what the game in question might be.

"Majesco has a fine reputation in the development community for partnering with its developers to assemble a single, cohesive team dedicated to producing quality products," commented Starbreeze CEO Johan Kristiansson. "We are excited to be working with them on creating content for the next generation of video game systems."

Despite the relative failure of the Chronicles of Riddick movie at the box office this summer, Starbreeze's tie-in game - published by Vivendi Universal Games - performed exceptionally strongly for an Xbox exclusive title, leading to speculation that the game franchise might continue forwards without the films.

A PC version of the game is due out later this month.

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