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No, Russell Crowe hasn't attacked another hotel clerk, however, Kalypso media has announced a new space shooter. Star Assault is due for release this September for PC and promises to offer more drama than any celebrity courtroom could ever hope.

When humankind took to the stars to search out new energy sources, rapid successes brought huge rewards in the advancement of travel, exploration and colonisation. Some thought they had taken it too far, they were right. In 2253 the human pioneers found themselves under brutal attack from the vicious alien race dubbed the Sparks. Cut off from Earth due to the destruction of their warp gate, their only route back, the intrepid explorers now must battle for their very survival, and maybe even a way home.

A rich story-based campaign offers players the chance to pilot a star fighter and accomplish the death-defying missions against the Sparks. From humble beginnings in a small ship, players can work their way through the ranks, improve their skills and eventually command wingmen in battle. Complex opponent A.I. ensures you won't be mastering any predetermined attack patterns, while real-time space jumps make getting from A to B just that bit faster.

Between missions, upgrading one's fly machine is essential to avoid an early union with the great beyond. Shields, reactors and propulsion can be adjusted and replaced in order to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Weapons vary from lasers and rail guns to heat seekers and rockets to give you all the firepower you could possibly need to see off your grizzly foe. Star Assault will offer galactic battles to warm the hearts of any sci-fi shooter fan, and not an angry Colin Farrell in sight.

Published by Kalypso media, Star Assault is due for a September release for PC, priced £19.99.

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