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Square Enix reveals action game Nier

Devil May Cry-style action game unveiled from the makers of Bullet Witch

Square Enix has revealed the first details of new action game Nier, from Cavia - the developer of Bullet Witch and Drakengard 2.

The game's trailer can be viewed at the official website and seems to show a game similar in style to third person action games such as Devil May Cry.

The game is set "in a crumbling world plagued by disease and dark, unrecognisable creatures". Players take the role of the eponymous Nier, who is attempting to find a cure for his daughter who has become infected with the "Black Scrawl virus".

Although the game lists features such as "chain attacks and crushing magic abilities" it also describes a "beautiful, immersive world presented in signature Square Enix style".

The game is expected to be previewed at E3 itself, along with the rest of Square Enix's forthcoming line-up - including Final Fantasy XIII and new titles such as Western-developed strategy title Order of War .

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