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Square Enix confirms Euro FFXI pricing

Recently revitalised European publisher Square Enix Ltd has announced launch and pricing details for its Final Fantasy XI massively multiplayer online title in this territory.

The game is the first title to be self-published by Square Enix Ltd in Europe, although it is being assisted in distribution of the title by Ubisoft - with whom the company is also partnering on the launch of Star Ocean 3 at the beginning of October.

Final Fantasy XI will launch on September 16th on PC only, with a retail price for the 7-disc game of around 50 Euro - which includes a month of access to the online game, and both the Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia expansion packs.

The pricing for subsequent months of access to the game has been set in US Dollars, in an unusual move which should have the effect of silencing any complaints about European gamers being charged more than their US counterparts.

Each month of play will cost $12.95 (with the direct Euro or Sterling equivalent presumably being calculated at the time of payment), which allows a player to use one character; each additional character incurs an additional charge of $1 per character, per month.

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