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Sony's Mick Hocking to keynote Develop Liverpool

SCE director to discuss the perils and successes of 3D - in 3D

Sony Computer Entertainment senior director Mick Hocking is to keynote Develop Liverpool on the subject of why gaming is the key component in the success of 3D technology.

Hocking will give his presentation in Liverpool's Odeon One cinema in full HD 3D as the event's opening presentation on 25 November this year.

Titled 'Seeing is Believing: 3D a New Creative Medium for Games,' Hocking's presentation will include a summary of the problems encountered and the lessons learned during Sony's conversion of many of its titles to 3D over the last two years.

"I'm really excited about being able to give this keynote, as I'll be taking the delegates through a selection of the latest stunning 3D games in full HD 3D," said Hocking.

"I'll also be sharing some of the unique tricks and techniques required to create a top quality 3D gaming experience."

Hocking, who is group studio director of Evolution Studios, SCE Studio Liverpool and BigBig Studios, gave another speech on 3D technology at the Brighton Develop event in July, entitled 3DTV: The Next Dimension in Game Graphics.

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