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Sony reveals unified PSN plans across product line

Hirai to head up new studio dedicated to digital product

Sony head Kaz Hirai has unveiled his company's plans to expand the PlayStation Network across a range of Sony products and announced the creation of a new studio dedicated to producing content especially for the expanding service.

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, Hirai said the PlayStation Network experience would be unified across Sony's product range of Blu-ray players, televisions and PCs.

According to Hirai, users will eventually have a "single user login and experience across all product lines," reports Kotaku.

The expansion will be kicked off from next month when PSN's video service will arrive on networked Bravia televisions and Blu-ray devices as well as any Windows-based PC.

In addition, a newly created studio would produce content especially for distribution over the network, confirmed Hirai. The studio, which will be headed up by the exec, will be called Sony Network Entertainment.

Talk of the expanded PSN service began early last year when Sony said it was in the process of deciding a roll-out plan onto other devices.

"TV is where we have to win," Sony's entertainment business Robert Wiesenthal said back in June. "We can no longer afford to only offer great TVs. Otherwise, we set the stage for someone to become the Google of the TV."