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Sony considering digital PSP rentals

Consumer survey reveals "an extensive catalogue of games" for new online service

Sony is considering a subscription-based digital game rental service for its PlayStation Portable console, according to a recently unearthed consumer survey.

According to consumer gaming blog Joystiq, the survey is polling PSP owners on various subscription options for a games-on-demand service for the portable console.

"The service will enable you to download a fixed number of games during your subscription period," the survey says, describing a system in which consumers would choose an undetermined number of titles to play during a fixed period, with the option to choose new titles once the subscription period - which may be weekly, monthly, or otherwise - has ended.

"At launch there will be an extensive catalogue of games to choose from, with more titles being added to the catalogue each month," the survey also said.

Rumors have been circulating since earlier this year that a new PSP model will ship without a UMD media drive, opting instead for an all-digital distribution model. The company released Patapon 2 as a download-only title as a "test case" in April, and further rumors have circulated that the new PSP will launch with 100 digital titles - possibly available on a rental basis, if the service described in this survey materialises.

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