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Sold Out gets it in Black and White

For Immediate Release

1st October 2004

Sold Out, the UK's premier publisher of affordable PC games, has announced its October batch of releases, which will include the first super-budget release for Lionhead's acclaimed Black and White - the epic brainchild of video gaming legend, Peter Molyneux.

Returning to the God-game genre he created with Populous, Molyneux and Lionhead have created a game that offers the player the chance to fight for the side of good... or have fun wreaking havoc as an evil force. Using a very simple control interface - which appears on screen as a hand - the player guides their chosen life-form through a series of realistic worlds, inhabited by a frightened populace, who the player must attract as worshippers. This can be achieved by doing good deeds or by more terrifying methods, and as the game progresses so the player comes face to face with rival beasts that must be overcome. The result is a simple yet engrossing game, where the player's actions have a pronounced effect on the people and locations, and a most welcome addition to Sold Out's £4.99 label.

"The addition of Black and White to our October selection once again demonstrates that we are untouchable when it comes to delivering the very best PC titles at pocket money prices," commented Pete Ball, European Sales Manager for Sold Out. "There are no grey areas with Sold Out - just Black and White; and I have no doubt that it will be massive for us."

"Black and White has been a key title for us, so it was important that the right company was approached to extend its longevity," commented Tom Paltridge, UK Business Development Manager for EA. "Sold Out has the heritage to extend awareness of the brand, and we are confident they will do a fantastic job as it becomes part of the Sold Out label."

Alongside Black and White, Sold Out will also be introducing five more high-profile titles to its best-selling range. Vivendi's The Thing - based on events seen in John Carpenter's classic horror movie - leads the line, and is an evocative chiller that maintains the creepiness of the movie. Players guide an expedition into a North Pole base ransacked by an amorphous, shape-shifting alien. As they explore the base, they are gradually picked off by the creature, and must use whatever weapons and items they can find to ultimately eradicate the alien menace.

Continuing the movie theme, Sold Out will also be releasing SCi's The Great Escape - a game based on the ever-popular Steve McQueen film. The game features set-piece sequences within a number of Nazi strongholds, with player infiltrating a mountain stronghold, eluding capture in a fast-moving train, and ultimately attempting a mass breakout from the seemingly inescapable Stalag Luft III POW camp.

The six October titles are then completed with the addition of Iron Storm, Wanadoo's 'alternative history' first-person shooter, set in a world where the First World War is still raging in 1964, and the Crave/EA duo of Global Operations and Freedom Force. Both are strategy-based titles, with the former opting for a more action-orientated first-person view and Freedom Force offering a light-hearted take on the superhero genre.

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