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Softly kill me in Elf Online

General speaking, ATB online game enjoys more popularity from female players who are averse from fighting and bloodshed. Meanwhile, it gains players more time and space to develop affection in team work. If you are now hunting for a game of this kind, please look no further. Elf Online ( is a new coming cute style turn-based online game; it has caught many young players' fancy, to the young, no limit will be imposed to the youth in a society flooded with desire and passion, so if one-night stay comes on the spur of the moment, it's a nature. As for Elf Online, its nature is entertaining people and relaxing people. Following this guideline, Elf Online ( has fine designed its gaming system to make players experience more fun through playing game and raising pet. Ultimately, players will get more chance to exchange with others, and then unleash their passion thoroughly.

In addition, here we introduce the wedding system and chatting system for your convenience.

Wedding system: The fate will bring the lovers together even though they are separated by great distance, the most romantic and unforgettable moment is to hand in hand with your loved one to step into the wedding hall and to be a happy couple envied by others. To meet your destined lover in the crowd of the world is always a most beautiful and most treasured experience in one's life. Join in wedding system of Elf Online ( to begin your happy conjugal life.

Chatting system: Chatting is an efficient way to catch others' attention. You can chat with him or her whenever and wherever in the game. If you make a perfect debut at the very beginning, it's half done. To add more funny and vivid air to the regular chatting, system has set kinds of expression icon in the dialog box, which can ease atmosphere and draw closer to each other.

OK, action speaks louder than words, please login the game as quickly as possible for the sake of love.

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