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Sniper EliteTM sets its sights on EGN.

Sniper Elite, the new Sniper simulation game from UK super-developer Rebellion, will be unveiled at EGN this year.

News release

27th August 2004

For immediate release

The game is set in Berlin 1945 during the final advance of the Soviet army and is based upon actual historic events. Sniper Elite sees the player take the role of an elite sniper recruited by the American OSS to navigate through the warn-torn city and retrieve the Nazi Atomic secrets before the Soviet NKVD reach them.

This mission marks the beginning of the Cold War.

Unlike many of its contemporaries, Sniper Elite is not a FPS. The game-play challenges you to move, react and think like a real sniper. Many of the scenarios are again based upon real-life events.

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion said, "We wanted to achieve something unique with Sniper Elite. Sniping, by its very nature, is a completely different discipline to normal combat. You can't charge around relying on your firepower and expect to survive. You have to utilise your surroundings, find the best cover to observe your targets and ultimately kill without being seen."

"The targets consist of both Nazi and Soviet forces. The game's AI provides a complete non-linear format, so you can progress through the 28 missions anyway you want, but more importantly, the enemy conducts itself independently throughout, only reacting if they see you, so stealth is paramount."

Jason Kingsley continues; "We also wanted the experience to be as realistic as possible, so with the help of research trips to Berlin, first hand accounts and a myriad of plans and photos, we've recreated Berlin as it was in 1945, even down to the bullet holes in the buildings! In addition, we received help from British and French Army advisers on the overall sniping experience and the techniques used."

From 'Bullet trajectory degradation' and wind effect to 'Empty lung' and bullet cams, Sniper Elite promises to be the most realistic and engaging sniper simulation to date.

Jason concludes; "The result is a gaming experience that takes you into a world where stealth, cunning and paranoia are life-savers. It's tough, but being a Sniper Elite was not meant to be easy."

Rebellion will be exhibiting at EGN from 1st-3rd September at Stand TI22.

Sniper Elite will be available to view on PS2, Xbox and PC formats.


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