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Smokin' Aces Featured Cups

-- Monday, 30 April - 23:00 ---

---- Copenhagen, Denmark -----


To celebrate the upcoming release of the DVD of Smokin' Aces we are organizing two featured cups in style with the movie, in cooperation with Universal Pictures UK.

Are you ready to prove your worth as an assassin? Can you make the kill?

The first cup will be a 2on2 Sniper Tournament for CounterStrike: Source players. Can you use your AWP like a trained assassin, will you prove worthy to get the job done? Find more info about this competition here.

The second cup will be a Gears of War 2on2 Team Warzone tournament. Can you and your buddy eliminate the opposition before they can spot you? Give it your best, and check out the competition here.

Both cups are for European citizens only and have the following prize purse:

1st: 500

2nd: 250

3rd: 150

Can you hit your mark?

About Smokin' Aces:

An incendiary array of stars - including Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Keys and Common - make Smokin' Aces the most explosive action DVD of the year, from Joe Carnahan, the acclaimed director of Narc. When a Mob boss takes out a million dollar hit on Buddy 'Aces' Israel - a sleazy Vegas showman turned FBI snitch - the Feds place Buddy in protective custody at a penthouse hide-out. While Buddy kills time with hookers, booze and drugs, an outrageous rogue's gallery of ultra-violent mobsters, moking hot assassins and ruthless hit men are bringing chainsaws, grenades, shotguns, knives and more to the hunt to rub out Aces and collect that cool million bucks.

Universal Pictures UK announces the release of Smokin' Aces, a fast paced, stylish action thriller with guns, girls and all the glamour and action of the Las Vegas strip, available to own and rent on DVD, High Definition DVD and Download-To-Own from 7th May 2007. Make sure you keep your fire extinguisher handy with this addition to your DVD collection. Things are going to start smokin'.

Film ® 2007 Universal Studios and GH Two LLC. All Rights Reserved. Packaging Design ® 2007 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

About ClanBase:

ClanBase is the leading international meeting place and competition organizer for online gamers playing Halflife 2, Counterstrike, Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, Wolfenstein ET, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 2 and many many more.

In short, it's a free system, founded by gamers in 1998, and since then constantly updated and improved by gamers, currently (august 2006) serving over 1.6 million active members and 210.000 clans doing 70.000 matches a month

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ClanBase Chief of PR

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