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Slow Star becomes Parkan II headline composition

25 April 2005, Moscow - Bi-2, Nikita, 1C present Parkan II soundtrack

Shura, Bi-2: When I first saw this game six months ago, I saw at once that Slow Star and Parkan II are very close in spirit, message and subject matter.

However, the idea to combine the two artworks of the music band and the computer game developers occurred absolutely by chance and much later when the Odd Warrior project track had been recorded.

Nikita Skripkin, Nikita Group President: An ideal duet, harmonic combination of picture and sound, text, melody and the substance of the game is what we wanted to see and hear. Besides, we loved two performers: the Bi-2 band and Diana Arbenina. When we first heard Slow Star which no one knew that time yet, it was clear to everyone that was that very ideal we had searched for.

Now Slow Star has become the official headline composition in the Parkan II game. This song is what you actually will hear getting plunged into the mysterious atmosphere of the Parkan II universe.

The few lucky beggars who have had a chance to enjoy the duet of the two works of art are unanimous in joining the common view: Slow Star is the best match possible for one of the most unusual national game projects.

Parkan II is a continuation of the 1997 cult game. Parkan. Chronicle of the Empire once broke all sales records in the Russian game industry. The second part of the game became Best PC Game 2005 at the 3rd Computer Game Developers Conference (GDC 2005) and was also marked by leading game industry professionals as one of the most promising projects in 2004-05 at the GC-2004 show in Leipzig, Germany.

The Slow Star single as part of the Odd Warrior project will be released somewhat ahead of Parkan II. Very soon though, you will be able not only to hear, but also to see Slow Star the way the Parkan II main character sees it.

Nikita Company

Nikita is the leading Russian supplier of computer games and mobile services and Russia's first game company. The main areas of the company's activity are computer games development, localization of games for Russian users, mobile services and publication of an interactive magazine for young people. Nikita aims at development and services based on state-of-the-art technology and platforms.

1C Company

1C specialises in developing, distributing, publishing and supporting computer games and databases for home and office use. Founded in 1991, 1C is a Russian firm that rests solely on its own professional achievements and employs more than 500. From its warehouse and through the most developed partner network in the CIS (5,300 permanent partners in 570 cities across Russia, the CIS and the Baltic states), 1C supplies a full range of mass-market software products for home and office use that currently exceed 5,000 products in number. 1C is known as one of the most successful game publishers in Russia. 1C cooperates with the leading developer teams in Russia and the neighbouring states such as Action Forms, Akella, Apeiron, Arise, Best Way, Creat Studio, CrioLand, Dark Fox, Digital Spray Studio, DiP Interactive, DTF Games, DVS, Eagle Dynamics, Elemental Games, Gaijin Entertainment, G5 Software, Ino-Co, Katauri, K-D LAB, KDV Games, KranX Productions, Meridian`93, Nikita, Nival Interactive, Orion, OSW Games, PIPE studio, Saturn plus, SkyFallen Entertainment, Skyriver Studios, SoftLabNSK, Xbow software and many others. Proprietary developments of 1C are well-known outside Russia. The combat flight simulators Il2 Sturmovik, Il2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles and Pearl Harbor achieved well-deserved recognition from players around the world and received over 50 prestigious international awards. 1C games are distributed worldwide by major publishers, including ATARI, Codemasters, THQ, and Ubisoft.

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