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Slitherine Releases Extended Spartan Demo

Due to overwhelming feedback, Slitherine have decided to extend the single player demo for Spartan - their award winning empire-building game. Over the past few months an increasing number of posts to the Slitherine forum have complained how the demo did not give a good feel for Spartan and how they were actually put off by it. It was only based on the positive feedback from gamers with the full version, that many people bought the game. As the Spartan demo was restricted to 30 turns, players never had the chance to really experience what it was like to build up an empire. We admit we got this one completely wrong and greatly underestimated how long the demo should last. To make up for this, we're now releasing a new Spartan demo that allows 100 turns of gameplay and includes a new campaign, which will hopefully sway many of those undecided strategy gamers. Anyone who was previously unconvinced by the old demo, should really give this a try!

The updated demo is limited to 100 turns and includes 3 tutorial missions, plus 3 campaigns.

The demo can be downloaded from Please create your own mirror and do not link in direct to this file, as our server bandwidth is limited. Thanks!

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