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Sex scandal played role in Al Lowe leaving Replay

Larry creator left after Replay CEO Paul Trowe pleaded guilty to showing sex video to minor

The falling out between Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe and Replay Games has taken another turn. According to Kotaku, Replay CEO Paul Trowe was in legal trouble earlier this year for showing a sex video to an underage girl.

Earlier this year, Trowe pleaded guilty in a Texas court to a misdemeanor count of displaying harmful material to a minor, the site said. The openly gay Trowe had a video of a sexual encounter between two men, and showed it to the 16-year-old girlfriend of one of the men in the video as evidence of his infidelity. Trowe said the girlfriend asked him to show her the video. He is now on two years' probation, and has agreed to attend sex offender counseling as part of the plea deal.

News of Lowe's return to retirement first arrived through Replay earlier this week. At the time, the studio portrayed it as an amicable split, and included quotes from Lowe saying his only motivation in leaving was to retire.

In the wake of the initial reports, Lowe told reporters those quotes were fabricated, the parting was not on good terms, and that he had "numerous reasons" for not renewing his employment agreement with Replay Games. Lowe has since confirmed for Kotaku that event was one of his reasons for parting ways with Replay. The studio retains the rights to the Leisure Suit Larry franchise, but Lowe said whatever use they made of it would not involve him.

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