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Services are "Nirvana" for Riccitiello

EA CEO believes that "new approach to building products" is more challenging

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello believes that as the industry is moving forwards, it is services that will bring consumers the most value.

That's according to an interview on Gamasutra, in which he outlines his belief that the proportion of console game sales in the overall revenue mix will decrease, with other payment methods - including subscriptions and micro-transactions - playing an increasing role in the business of making games.

"The industry has traditionally been 80 percent-plus console," he said. "Presently, we are packaged goods with strong service components, [but] within a year or so, we're going to feel more like services enabled by packaged goods.

"Services are the Nirvana that I'm trying to get to, because I think it's better for the consumer; there's more value in the dynamism of a service," he added, revealing that last year saw "several hundred" updates for NBA Live in-line with real-life form statistics - a tactic the company will use more widely in the future.

"That's what's happening with The Sims 3, that's what's happening with most of our games," he said. "It's hard to do, this new approach to building products and supporting them - it further widens the advantage online has."

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