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Sensor Tower: First-time $1m mobile games in 2021 will make up 43% of Google Play market

Report says that 32% of the App Store will be titles that reach the same milestone in 2021 as well

Today a Sensor Tower report projects that among nearly 1000 first-time $1 million app earners in 2021, 43% are from mobile game publishers on the Google Play Store.

The firm says this reflects 139 titles that reached the consumer spending milestone on the storefront.

The report goes on to say that on the App Store first-time million dollar earners will make up 32% of the market. Which represents 185 titles that generated the amount on the digital storefront.

Additionally, Sensor Tower notes that the Google Play Store has seen a decline in annual share for new $1 million plus earners among mobile game publishers.

In 2019 for example first-time earners made up 56% of the market and continued to shrink.

However among the App Store titles that reached the spending goal remained around 31% of the market for past three years.

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