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Sega to distribute Sammy console titles in Japan

Sega is to handle sales and distribution of Sammy's Japanese console releases starting with PS2 title Hakuto no Ken at the end of May, the two firms announced today.

Sega will take over sales and distribution of Sammy's Japanese console releases beginning this May, the two companies have announced, strengthening links between the two Japanese firms.

Given Sammy's console output, which is relatively tiny next to Sega or any of its rivals, this is an obvious and smart move for Sammy as the company digs its claws deeper into Sega following the acquisition of a 22.4 per cent stake late last year.

Since then, Sammy president Hajime Satomi has been installed as chairman of the Sega board, and has already said he would like Sega to focus more on arcade ventures, evoking the wrath of a lot of the publisher's hardcore fans.

According to the two companies' announcement, all future Sammy titles will reach the market through Sega's sales and distribution pipeline, beginning - some might say symbolically - with Sammy's Hokuto no Ken pachinko game, which is due out in the Far East on May 27th.

Last month, newly installed chairman Satomi told Reuters that he wanted to see Sega and Sammy make a combined annual profit of one billion dollars by 2006, with Sega's operations contributing at least $200 million to the total.

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