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Second 3DS teardown echoes initial valuation

IHS iSuppli values dual screens and 3D system at $33.80

A second physical teardown evaluation has confirmed earlier reports of the cost of a 3DS' components at $100.71 (£62.83) including manufacturing.

Last week, a similar teardown by UVM Tech Insights estimated the total cost at £61.76 with an estimated cost to retailers of £170.

The latest piece by piece deconstruction, by IHS iSuppli reveals individual component cost evaluations as well as an overall cost, unsurprisingly singling out the dual-screen display as the costliest.

The addition of 3D to the dual screen unit is estimated to have only cost an extra $11.85, although that still represents the single largest gain in component cost over the DSi. Full details of the breakdown are below.

Component 3DS Cost DSi Cost
Displays and touch screen $33.80 $21.95
Mechanical/Electromechanical $20.81 $19.44
Apps Processing $10.02 $8.71
Memory $8.36 $3.61
User Interface $6.81 $3.98
WLAN $5 $5.50
Cameras $4.70 $4.70
Power Management $3.63 $2.05
Battery $3.50 $1.70
Box Contents $3.48 $3.70
Other $0.60 $0.44
Overall component cost $100.71 (£62.83) $75.58 (£47.37)
Manufacturing $2.54 $2.54
Overall Total $103.25 $78.12

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