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Sea Spooney

Stirring arcade action for the iPhone.

Donetsk, Ukraine – August 28, 2009 – Boolat Mobile, the division of an independent game development company Boolat Games, today announced the release of Sea Spooney, an arcade game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

This cute and highly captivating game is now available from the Apple App Store and promises a lot of fun for every player. It uses an incredibly amusing style, bursting with humor and aims to be the most widely available arcade/family game, offering a wealth of content for play-fun.

The game takes place on deep waters of the majestic Caribbean Sea, full of secrets and treasures. A brave Pirate is trying to reach the coast and meet his beloved Mermaid in spite of danger, waiting for him at every step.

He was traveling in search of new exciting adventures and nothing spelled troubles, until a terrible monster appeared and broke Pirate’s sailing ship to pieces. His ship has sunk, but so many exiting adventures are yet to come!

Fortunately our hero found a big wooden barrel, which became his lifeboat and the only hope to reach the island safe and sound. Big hungry sharks surround him, they try to pull him down and have a long-awaited lunch, but our valiant Pirate never loses his heart and meets danger with assurance and beautiful Mermaid is waiting for him to reward his courage.

This cute and really amazing game with charming, attractive and smart characters surely will win the hearts and minds of all who play it. 20 challenging levels designed in unusually funny cartoon style provide you endless fun and a lot of unforgettable moments. User-friendly control helps to overcome all obstacles, barring the way to saving island and come off clear.

The game's simple and comfortable interface, rich graphics, professionally produced artwork and sound effects allow everyone to begin playing the game immediately and offer an exhilarating experience to iPhone users. It's surprisingly addictive and requires more time and skill than is apparent at first sight.

The game Sea Spooney is the deluxe version of the game Sinking Jack.

Fast facts:

Tile: Sea Spooney


Developer: Boolat Games

Release date: 28 August 2009

Genre: Arcade

About Boolat Games

Boolat ( is an independent game development company based in Donetsk, Ukraine. It was established in 2001 and is engaged in developing mainstream and casual games for consoles and PC. The company has developer team experienced in creating games of various genres, such as real-time strategy, arcade racing, quests, adventures and casual. The company is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting edge games to consumers.

Along with the production of our own titles, we're also one of the leading localization teams in ex-USSR market with more than 100 completed projects to date.

Now Boolat experiences rapid growth and expands its structure. From 2008 the company came to a decision to move to a downloadable space and to start game development for consoles, becoming the first East European developer and publisher for PlayStation Network with released title.

About Boolat Mobile

Boolat Mobile develops innovative and original games for various mobile platforms. It was founded in late 2004 and now it is the youngest department of Boolat Games. Established as an outsourcing project, it was then decided to start development of own original products. Applying only the newest technological solutions, Boolat Mobile now makes its bet on high quality content for iPhone and iPod Touch. Its hi-tech and entertainment-focused games such as Inquisitor’s Torments 3D and Slam’em all provide rich and stupendous graphics which offer an exhilarating experience to mobile users. 


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