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SDI announces £50m investment in digital Scotland

New funding for games and technology sectors

Scottish Development International has announced further funding for the region's digital businesses.

Up to £50 million has been earmarked for spending on the games, wireless and wellness technology sectors. This follows £200 million provided over the last four years.

Said Chris Camilleri, senior business development executive at SDI, "Scotland is up to 30 per cent more economical to setup and run a facility than other parts of the UK, making it one of the most cost-effective locations to position a start-up venture in the UK.

"It also offers attractive wage rates and favourable labour flexibility compared to other western European locations. Scotland has also cultivated a prestigious education system and has the highest concentration of universities in Europe. This continues to incubate a pool of highly-skilled workers and a wealth of management talent and engineering expertise, which have proven to reduce operational costs for businesses."

Camilleri also claimed that Scotland currently attracted over 20 per cent of the UK's foreign direct investment R&D projects, and believe that the region could " go from the sixth most attractive destination in Europe to the number one."

SDI will seek targets for its investment at events such as Mobile World Congress and GDC, as well as directly approaching companies of note.

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