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SCEJ announces new hardware for product range

Japan to receieve new colours for PS2 and PSP, as well as a camera pack for the PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has announced that it will be releasing a range of new products across its console range throughout July.

A 'Cinnabar Red' PlayStation 2 SKU will be available in the territory from July 3 for JPY 16,000 (USD 153), complete with matching DualShock 2 pad.

Later in the month the company will release two new limited edition 'Metallic Blue' PlayStation Portable packs, one a 'Value Pack' which includes the handheld, a 32MB memory stick and an AV cable, the other a '1 Seg Pack' which comes with the handheld, a 1 Seg tuner and a 1GB memory stick.

Pricing for the bundles has been set at JPY 23,800 (USD 228) and JPY 29,800 (USD 286) respectively.

Finally the company announced that it plans to release the PlayStation Eye Pack for the PlayStation 3 on July 24.

The pack will feature the PlayStation Eye camera and the software title Memoushon - a collection of six casual titles - and will cost JPY 5000 (USD 48).

There are currently no plans to release these products in any other region outside of Japan.

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