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Save The Dinos Or Laugh Trying


Eugene, Ore. - Nov. 21, 2006 -- Pesky little monkeys who like to steal bones from 10 different species of dinosaur skeletons? Why not? That's exactly the idea behind a fun, fast moving new game that also beefs up your knowledge about prehistoric beings now available for download from Kaibridge Games, a division of Kaibridge, Inc., one of the world's authorities on dinosaur movement.

All ages and gaming abilities will enjoy Bone Monkeys vs. Dinosaurs, a zany computer game that humorously matches authentically drawn, digitally accurate to scale dinosaurs against monkeys at the ready with mallets, snow balls and mud, and other devices to steal the bones of unsuspecting dinosaurs. Players must use skill and knowledge to save the dinos, who, of course, need their skeletons! In return, players fire beach balls, bowling balls, anti-gravity capsules and freezing cubes to "bonk" the monkeys useless. Dino knowledge, which is quickly learned in the game, helps players earn powers that can save the dinosaurs from extinction.

The questions posed in Kaibridge's new title represent the most current thinking in paleontology, but are offered with a twist of humor, particularly the incorrect answers. For example, a player asked: "The dinosaur Brontosaurus is now known as...?" must choose among a) a Videogame Champion, b) The Dancing Dino , c) Baryonyx or d) Apatosaurus. If the player answered d) Apatosaurus, they would unlock valuable powers, and hear one of more than 60 fun voices, for example: "Correctomundo. The paleontologist found a fossil he thought had never been seen before. He didn't know that it was actually Apatosaurus. It was even put in a museum with the wrong head on!"

A peppy paleontologist named Professor "D" hosts the game and encourages users through more than 30 different levels of played and hundreds of funny dino anecdotes.

"Kids were having so much fun with the interactive software we built for the American Museum of Natural History," says Dan Mayhew, president and CEO, Kaibridge, "that we decided to build a game that kids could play at home."

CD-ROM versions of Bone Monkeys vs. Dinosaurs can be ordered online at for $29.95, or as a download for $19.95.

About Kaibridge, Inc:

Kaibridge uses propriety technology to create authentic and engaging digital animals. Kaibridge products include video games and interactives for museums and media companies.

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