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Rusty Lake can not claim username in Discord and issues warning

Following platform's changes to display names the studio is concerned over possible trademark infringement

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Game studio Rusty Lake is unable to claim its username in Discord despite being a verified owner.

The news comes as the developer of Rusty Lake Hotel issued a warning to indie game creators last week on Twitter.

"A warning for all the [indie devs] waiting to claim their own username [on Discord]," it said.

"We just received an email that we, as verified owners, could finally submit a new username, and wow...'rustylake' is already taken! If we, as a server owner with 240K+ members, can't even claim it."

The game maker said this presents the risk of impersonation and possible future ligation for trademark infringement.

The game maker also said, "In any case, [Discord's support] was helpful enough to respond with an automatic response email to this issue, and the follow-up is directing us to another helpdesk."

The news comes after Discord implemented changes to its usernames in May. The platform would remove the four-digit suffix following display names among its updates.

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