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Deep Silver unveils 5 RfB multiplayer modes

BASINGSTOKE, England (March 24th 2006) - Deep Silver and the top developer Stormregion are proud to announce no less than 5 multiplayer modes for the upcoming RTS hit Rush for Berlin. Two modes are a worldwide novelty.

Technique meets size meets raw materials galore: the differences between the Germans, Soviets, and Allies add particular zest to multiplayer skirmishes. You can surprise players from other factions - or fall victim to an unexpected manoeuvre yourself. All sides are playable in multiplayer: the Allied Forces (US, British), the Russians and the Germans with their entire arsenal of units and weapons. The Allies will have the widest range of infantry units and the Russians will attack in masses, while the Germans will have technological superiority.

Five modes provide the framework for online and network games; three of them are well-known: Cooperative, Domination and Deathmatch. In addition, there are two more unique and never-before-seen modes: R.I.S.K. and R.U.S.H.. The two new modes promise even more excitement:

R.I.S.K. (Race-Intensive Strategic Kombat)

Each participant is given a randomly-assigned task, but without being informed of the other players' aims. The first to complete their task wins the contest. As none of your adversaries know what your aims really are, it's possible to mislead them. The developers promise fair balancing and multifaceted missions: players may have to hold a target; defeat a particular team, collect objects dropped by planes or seek out and destroy specific units.

A countdown lets all the players know when one side is about to succeed. You can then either demolish their target - which could be a captured tank, for example - or simply wipe out their entire army before the time runs out. On the other hand, you can also trust that other players will intervene to stop them and simply continue towards your goal.

R.U.S.H (Relentlessly Utilized Score Hunt)

This mode works on the same principles as the game itself: rushing for given target(s) to occupy various objects, which yield points to the player. Whoever scores the most points in a given time period OR reaches the preset score limit wins. Each object grants a one-time bonus to the team which captures it first (and a reduced bonus if the object is destroyed). All latecomers remain empty-handed. In certain situations, destroying objectives from a distance may even be the way to winning - just by hindering the enemy from taking them.

Cooperative Mode

Invite your friend to join your great battles on your side. This is a great game mode for joint action. It allows players to play together against the AI. The fun part of this mode is that levels can be heavily unbalanced in favour of one side (AI), as players play on the same side and combine forces.


Deathmatch is the classic mode. Fight your way through the enemy front - against your friends or against the AI. The only goal is to eliminate any and all units belonging to other players - or teams. The difference between the two modes is the presence of AI (a Deathmatch is played between human players, while Skirmish pits at least one human player against the AI). Any combination of teams is allowed within the player limit, the AI can substitute any player in any team. Reinforcements (factories, camps) are allowed on all levels.

Domination Mode

Dominate the landscape and hold your positions. Each map has a certain amount of flags. The goal is to hold the most flags for the longest possible time. Each flag has a point value, and at given intervals this point value is added to the team's pool. One of the great advantages of this multiplayer mode is the possibility to play fast battles - it is possible to fight for only a few minutes, which calls for truly different tactics!

About the Game

Top developer Stormregion is going one step further. The 3D real-time strategy game Rush for Berlin debates what might have happened if a new leadership following Hitler's removal from power had faced up to the advancing Allies and Russia. What if they had deployed the already developed super weapons? However, your first aim is to win the race for Berlin in 1944 - 1945. Playing on the side of the Americans, will you succeed in hoisting the US flag on the Reichstag before the Red Army? Prepare yourself for an optically luxurious strategy hit that focuses on the enjoyment of the game: tactical WWII war gaming full of fresh ideas. Officers have special abilities and acquire new skills at every level. And the time factor will be introduced as a resource in a game for the first time.

The World War II title Rush for Berlin will be published by DEEP SILVER and distributed exclusively by KOCH Media in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The race begins, MAY 2006. For further information on the latest hit from the creators of Panzers, please visit

For all UK press enquires relating to RUSH TO BERLIN please contact:




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Deep Silver is KOCH Media's premium games label. Deep Silver has been collaborating with international developers and publishers since 2002 to publish creative and innovative computer and video games. The multi-award-winning X2 and the daring Singles have already put Deep Silver at the top of the charts. Pipeline projects include co-publishing titles with Sunflowers (ANNO 1701, ParaWorld) and JoWooD (SpellForce 2, Gothic 3, etc).


Founded in 1994, KOCH MEDIA UK develops, publishes and distributes a diverse mix of titles for home console gaming systems, personal computers and the Internet. Based in Basingstoke, the company has distribution contracts with a number of software publishers, including NINTENDO. For publishers not in the UK, KOCH MEDIA exclusively markets, sells and distributes titles. Under its own brands of DEEP SILVER and EUROPRESS, KOCH MEDIA develops and publishes its own range of gaming and educational and lifestyle software. For more information on KOCH MEDIA and its products, visit


Stormregion is the premier Hungarian game software developer, specialized in 3D RTS games fully developed with in-house technology, based on the GEPARD 3D engine. Following the massively entertaining "S.W.I.N.E.", the company went on to create "Codename: Panzers", a full-bred RTS set in the WWII epoch. An explosive mixture of fast-paced action and dazzling mocap cinematics, it was one of the top sellers of 2004 and received high praise from both customers and gaming journalists. In 2005 summer the standalone add-on for Codename Panzers launched and Stormregion successfully presented the playable demo of Rush for Berlin on the Games Convention. The company currently employs over seventy people, working on the the sequel of Codename Panzers (Panzers 2) and on the next release (Q2 2006) Rush for Berlin

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