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RUNES MMORPG Battle for the Dryanium

Version 0.5 now available on Android.

Release of version 0.5 for gamescom 2010 - monday 16th Aug 2010 - 18:00 GMT+1

Fights between mages follow each other in Kaliend’s arenas for the release of version 0.5 of RUNES MMORPG ® Battle for the dryanium. Unleash the magic force within! Somethig never seen on Android !

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Bordeaux, France— Monday the 16th of August 2010 (18:00 GMT+1) - Faeria.Studio, Online Content division of Faeria.fr and Tiki Move, studio specialized in applications for mobiles and smartphones, forecast the 0.5 version of RUNES MMORPG ® Battle for the Dryanium. Games accesses are open for the first 10 000 players.

« This update is more than just a little upgrade, it’s a total level up! RUNES transformed graphically and it’s good. Players will see the difference. We hope the teaser will have its little impact and that the new graphic style and the new musical theme will find their audience. » reveals Marc BAGUR, CEO, Faeria.Studio.

« We had a lot of pleasure working on RUNES. This project is at a major turning point. We’re close to the last functionalities to be integrated and to the final beta » confirms Sebastien CARCELES, CEO, Tiki Move.

Prepare to engage the most fearsome mages of Kaliend thanks to astonishing spells in dreadful arenas. Trophies, tounaments , magical and political schemes.

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Content Patch Note

New interface Total graphic rewriting New map New character menu Each spell has a custom icon All factions have their visual identity Teaser and video presentation sound FX updates New launcher Nouvelles pictures for cities and itemss New game logo Integrated services and ticket system testing Lighter application Bug report mailing system debug Web mini widget with server state on/off Diferent XP according to dungeon, quest or arena New dungeons and new arenas


Experience the epic battles of the Mages of Kaliend. Master the runes, join your friends and fight against the others Mages in the Battle Arenas of RUNES MMORPG ® Battle for the Dryanium, the latest production of Faeria Studio and Tiki Move. Enter a world of magic, forged by the perpetual struggles of the Mages and fight for your guild, your faction and your ideals. Conquer the Arenas, blast your enemies, use the mystical and amazing power of Rune Magic and open up to the powers within you. Become the strongest and defeat fabulous opponents. Enter the arena to defend friends, honor, or simply for the power. Explore the immensity of Kaliend, adventure in its darkest place to discover its secrets, conquer the Royal Arena of Noyadel, create your own Guild, make your Faction progress, choose wisely your battles and uncover the secrets of the Dryanium to earn your place in the Mage Council. Do you feel the Mana? It's time to unleash your power and trace your Rune! The Mages have come!


Faeria Studio is the Online Content Management Division of Faeria.fr, a company specialized in Role Playing Games and all its aspects created in 2006. Holding the Rights on the FAERA Universe ® , Faeria Studio intends to develop other online games based on the same universe, on different platforms. Faeria.fr is currently associated with Tiki Move on the RUNES MMORPG project. First to implement the concept of Aging Permadeath and Interactivity in Storytelling, Faeria Studio managed to assemble under a Worker Cooperative model people with experience and creativity, and works under the SCRUM management framework. Faeria Studio, FAERA ® and RUNES MMORPG ® Battle for the Dryanium are commercial brands of Faeria.fr. Visit us : http://studio.faeria.fr


Tiki Move is a French mobile and smart-phones software publisher and developer with headquarters in Bordeaux, France, in the same building as Faeria.fr. Created in 2008, this company develops, publishes and markets mobile phone software. Having mastered development on smart-phones, Tiki Move has become a reference on the french Android market. More information on Tiki Move's products are available on http://tikimove.com .

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