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Rodent General Election Special

May 6th 2005 - For immediate release

How dull? Yes! Way of the Rodent magazine today releases its election tribute issue, full of relevant content loosely connecting games an' that.

Plucky third place indeed.

Includes new material from Billie Hague.

Having polled our 100,000 readers we have discovered that the Plucky Lib Dem Gamecube has won this amazing election with 34 extraordinary percent. Shocking. See the full results at where you'll also find controversial reviews of Lego Star Wars, Jeff Minter's take on Wipeout Pure and a gloriously offensive series of politically-themed game box art. New too is the latest instalment of Tony Temple's historic mission to bring the Missile Command record to England where he and Gary (Galaxians) Whelan plan to bare their British arses to the former record-holding Americans. As is traditional.

Oh and Billie Hague joins us too - granting Rodent exclusive access to his extraordinary 2005 Election Diaries. It's explosive stuff, including Peter Mandleson 'doing the gears'.

Our Election Special is typical of the content to be found at Rodent: the games magazine endorsed by legendary Robotron designer Eugene Jarvis as 'the shit'. If you want access to 100,000 cash-rich grown-up gamers then get Rodent onto your media schedule.

Notes for Editors/PR Teams

- An average 60,000 readers visit every month to take a little dram of the original spirit of videogaming

- More than 100,000 readers downloaded our smash-hit Paper Arcade cut-out and stick arcade cabinet models

- Way of the Rodent (WotR) is leading the first wave of grown-up videogaming media and is read predominately by thirty-something family-men spending serious money on their dirty little gaming habit

- The magazine launched in the autumn of 2003 and is now published monthly

- Rodent features contributions from a global team of 70 writers

- Out at the beginning of every month at Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!

- All content is available for syndication

For further information please contact Publisher Richard Hammond - Email: Telephone: 07971 600 936, or the Editor Andrew Lowe - Telephone: 07905 717 288.

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