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Rock Band has "long-term value" - Viacom

Despite recent slowdown in sales, CEO still confident in future of series

Despite slow sales of Rock Band, MTV Games parent Viacom is still confident the franchise has long-term value for the company.

Yesterday, Viacom blamed the music game for a decline in revenues and income of the company's Media Networks division during the last financial quarter.

"With regard to Rock Band, the tough economic climate has tamped down its sales," noted Philippe Dauman, president and CEO of Viacom, in a call to investors following the results.

"But we continue to feel very good about the long-term value this franchise holds, particularly as we see the downloadable content portion of the business continue to grow. To date, we’ve sold nearly 50 million songs via disc or online."

The franchise is being overseen by the MTV Games group, said Dauman, and the future focus for the series in on increasing efficiency and capitalising on the upcoming release of The Beatles: Rock Band, due on September 9.

"They will work closely with our partners to prepare and execute the right marketing and distribution strategy for the worldwide launch of The Beatles Rock Band," he said.

"This is truly an unprecedented event. This game, and it’s really more than just a game, it is truly an extraordinary musical experience and a work of art. This game will change the way people view music videogames."

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