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Roblox to launch in-game advertisements next year

The platform says that the 3D ads will create new opportunities to generate revenue

During this year's Roblox Developers Conference, it was announced that in-game ads will be rolled out next year in Roblox.

The advertisements will be 3D, easily identifiable, and they will be native on the platform.

"Brands and developers alike will be able to build never-before-seen ad experiences on Roblox, including portals that can seamlessly transport users back and forth between experiences," the platform said.

"This will create new opportunities for developers to generate revenue and enable brands to reach their communities more effectively."

Roblox isn't the only video games platform that will implement the in-game advertisements.

Earlier this year, Business Insider reported that Microsoft is considering using ads in free-to-play games.

Sony is also reportedly planning to introduce advertisements in free-to-play titles on its PlayStation platforms.

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