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Riot Games details first online title

PVP-centric game, League of Legends, will invite players to beta in 2009

Independent games developer, Riot Games, has detailed its debut title, the online game League of Legends.

According to the developer, League of Legends will combine elements of role-playing and strategy and has been created partly by the modding team behind DotA-Allstars for Warcraft 3.

"League of Legends will bring gamers competitive battle-arena style gameplay that builds upon and expands on innovative gameplay concepts that were pioneered in DotA-Allstars, one of the most popular mods of all time," commented Brandon Beck, co-founder and CEO of Riot Games.

"The team is applying its expertise and passion to producing a game that fuses premium art and gameplay features with deep community tools."

The online multiplayer session-based game will feature rival teams competing against one another on stylised battlefields and landscapes, with players invited into the League of Legends beta in 2009.

Riot Games secured USD 7 million in funding earlier this year, and counts former EA, Activision and Jamdat exec Mitch Lasky as a board member.

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