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Rift: Planes of Telara

Fan-generated character contest.


The development team at Trion Worlds desperately needs your help! Faced with the overwhelming number of hero hybrids found in the revolutionary Rift: Planes of Telara TM class system, the team has simply become drained of creative brain power and cannot come up with a name for a new and awesome soul. That’s where you, the fans, come in. Starting today, Trion is inviting all would-be soul namers to throw your suggested moniker into the hat.

Just go to the following URL to submit your suggestion*:!

***New images of the nameless character soul can be found here:

After a few days, the team will create a short list of top contenders which will then be voted on by both the community and the development team. Each vote is weighted the exact same, and whoever wins will have his or her soul name forever immortalized in the final game.

To get those creative juices stirring, here’s a little bit of information about the soul:


Drawing on the vital energies of plants and nature, this mage finds a balance between life and death. Only [Soul]s can focus these life energies into a devastating force, or recycle destructive magic to heal their allies.


Their every destructive spell generates healing magic, so a [Soul] can survive situations that would kill most mages, and keep their allies alive even as they annihilate the enemy.


Invaluable allies though they are, [Souls] possess neither the destructive potential of their fellow mages, nor the restorative spells of most clerics, and their ability to heal is dependent on the damage they deal in combat. A [Soul] who cannot hurt her foes cannot effectively heal her allies.

You must have an active forum account to submit a name for the contest ###

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