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Reto Ball Charity Event

Local computer enthusiast Chris Wilkins has recruited a group of like-minded individuals to organise a gaming event at the Wardens Cricket Club in Kenilworth, Warwickshire where the proceeds of ticket sales is going to the charity "Everyman" for research into prostate and testicular cancer.

Everyman was launched in 1997 to raise awareness of, and funding for, male cancers. Male cancers have risen dramatically in the UK with one man an hour dying as a result. Everyman is funding research to improve current methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of testicular and prostate cancer.

The event is called "The Retro Ball" (see the 'ball' theme) and it will take place over the weekend of the 3rd and 4th December 2005.

Chris says, "I am really excited about rising to the challenge of making Kenilworth THE home of retro gaming events within the UK. We still have a lot to do but are confident that we can put on a brilliant show for visitors to come to. Each of the organisers has been affected by cancer in their respective families like many other people and so we are determined to raise all we can to support the vital work being carried out at The Institute of Cancer Research".

During the weekend visitors to the event will be able to play on gaming machines dating from the early 80's right through to the current time. For example the event already has 16 arcade cabinets, 6-pinball tables and a wide range of gaming consoles and computers to play on from the ZX Spectrum (1982) to the current XBOX and Playstation systems. Competitions will take place throughout the weekend with great prizes to be won.

It is hoped that the event will be a sell out with over 400 people attending the event over the 2-days, the goal being to hand over £3,000 to the Everyman charity.

The web site for the event can be found at

Console Passion, the leading UK company selling retro consoles and games, are sponsoring the event and their website can be found at

The event also has a number of gaming celebrities coming along including Jon Hare from the infamous Sensible Software responsible for such classics as Sensible Soccer, Ben Daglish/David Whittaker (C64 musicians) and Gary Whelan (the official Galaxian world record holder).

The weekend promises to be a great social event with the main bar stretching to all areas of the venue.

Tickets for the event come in 3 flavours. A Saturday only ticket is £7.50; A Sunday only ticket is £5 and for both days it is £10.

If you would like a ticket then please get in touch with Chris Wilkins via the E-mail address or order via the web site.

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