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Resident Evil creator to open new Tokyo studio

Shinji Mikami looks to foster new development talent in Japan

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami has announced plans to open a new development studio in Tokyo.

According to a translated Famitsu article by 1up, the new company will be called Tango and Mikami hopes it can foster new Japanese development talent.

"One of the reasons I'm building a company is to raise the game makers of the future, people who haven't gone pro yet," Mikami told the magazine.

"Game development is often overseen from a pure business perspective here, which is unique to Japan, and I have the impression that environment tends to prune away young talent. I really want to make Tango a company run from a creator's perspective, one that expands upon new talent."

Mikami is currently working in a freelance capacity on shooter Vanquish for Platinum Games, and once finished will wrap up his current business and lead the 13-man Tango, which already employs Grasshopper Manufacture sound director Masashi Takada, and Okami art director Naoki Katakai.

"We're going to handle all development within the company, so I think one development team will be the limit. I'd like to see it grow to 100 people or so in five to seven years," added Mikami.

He also said that when it comes to designing games, he'd like to return to the horror genre and bring together new 3D technology.

"When it comes to my personal desires, I'd like to make a true 3D horror game, something where you'd use glasses like in the Avatar film.

"It's been my goal since the original Resident Evil to be the first in the industry to make a 3D game. There needs to be a large 3D television-owning userbase before that can happen, but I always like trying out new things first."

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