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Report: Yu Miyake stepping down as producer on Dragon Quest

Nier Automata producer Yosuke Saito allegedly considered to take on Miyake's role

Yu Miyake is allegedly moving from his role as producer on the Dragon Quest series to another position within Square Enix.

This is according to Bloomberg, who was told by sources that Miyake would be overseeing the firm's smartphone games division instead. Nier Automata producer Yosuke Saito is allegedly being considered to take over Miyake's role.

Sources said this move is part of Square Enix's restructuring plans, which reportedly began on April 1. reached out to Square Enix for comment.

Miyake has been a producer on the Dragon Quest series since 1992, with his latest credit on Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince released in 2023.

Restructuring plans were previously announced by Square Enix's president Takashi Kiryu last November.

Kiryu cited the "limited diversity" of its lineup of games, adding that he wanted to "structure [its] development function so that we are able to ensure higher quality from each title."

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