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Report removes 'MGS4 on 360' quote

Article makes no mention of Konami rep discussing possibility of Metal Gear for Xbox 360

The Japanese news outlet which fuelled rumours that Konami is considering releasing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Xbox 360 has amended its article and removed a quote from a Konami representative.

According to the original piece, a spokesperson for the publisher said of the game, "we're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360".

The report now makes no mention of Metal Gear Solid 4, although it's not clear whether the original article was in error or the quote was removed at the request of Konami.

According to GameCyte, the article now mentions Winning Eleven and Castlevania to illustrate its point that Japanese publishers are moving from single to multiformat releases.

Speaking to J-Cast news, a representative for the company said that the article has not been corrected or changed, but republished as a 'second appearance'.

The rumour that Hideo Kojima's PS3 game will appear on the Xbox 360 refuses to die, but Konami has always denied the possibility and Kojima himself has stated that it would not be possible due to the capacity of PlayStation 3 Blu-ray discs.

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