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Report: Nintendo testing 3DS dev hardware

Images show 3D widescreen paired with 4:3 traditional display; suggest brand new kind of DS

Leaked images and a filing made to the US Federal Communications Commission has indicated that Nintendo has begun tests on its new 3DS and that the console will come with one 3D widescreen display and one traditional 4:3 one.

A leaked image published by WirelessGoodness has shown a new console's circuitry, believed to be the 3DS, and clear indication that it will come with one widescreen display - Sharp's auto-stereoscopic 3D tech - and one traditional 4:3 screen.

Commenting on the image, Eurogamer blog Digital Foundry added that the most telling aspect of the leak could be the new hardware's codename, CTR.

Each of the DS revisions has been given a three-letter codename, it noted. The Nintendo DSi is referred to internally as TWL, while the DSi XL is known as UTL.

The use of CTR, which hasn't been used before, along with the new screen configuration would suggest a brand new kind of DS.

The filing for a "Nintendo CTR Target Board" was made in order to get the Wi-Fi card used by the system approved for use in the US.

Other features shown on the motherboard were standard stereo speakers, a slot for DS cartridges and the usual SD card port.

Nintendo has said that it will showcase its full plans for the new 3DS console, which will let users view 3D games without the need for special glasses, at this year's E3.

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Kath Brice