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Report - 3D gaming to reach 40 million by 2014

Technology set to spread dramatically, according to research

The popularity of 3D technology will increase dramatically over the next five years with 40 million 3D capable displays expected to be installed worldwide by 2014, according to analysis by Insight Media.

The 2009 Stereoscopic 3D Gaming Report spoke to developers, publishers and gamers as part of its compilation, and claims that the current market - now in its infancy - is poised to go from a handful of 3D-capable displays and a few thousand gamers, to an expected worldwide market of over 40 million 3D capable displays by 2014.

"We have spent considerable time on our forecasting methodology and believe we have created something that is truly new, innovative and ground breaking," said Chris Chinnock, president of Insight Media.

"We have played Stereoscopic 3D games for hundreds of hours and can report that the latest technology does not result in eye strain or fatigue," added Dale H Maunu, lead analyst on the report.

"Our experience leads us to believe that S-3D gaming is more immersive and compelling that traditional gaming on a 2D screen. We spoke directly with gamers, game developers, and game publishers as well as display makers to build a complete picture of the future of gaming, along the way going from sceptical middle-age display veterans to 3D gaming fanboys."

Full details of the report and its content can be found on the Insight Media website.

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