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Reflexive makes Ricochet Xtreme free for download

Reflexive Entertainment is excited to announce it's ninth anniversary on October 15th by making the full version of its modern-day classic PC game Ricochet Xtreme available for free. This award-winning game is completely free for all who complete the game

Lake Forest, CA - October 13, 2006 - Reflexive Entertainment is excited to announce it's ninth anniversary on October 15th, and is giving everyone a gift! Beginning October 13th, the full version of Reflexive's modern-day classic PC game Ricochet Xtreme will be available for free from Now everyone can enjoy the award-winning game that has become the measuring stick for all breakout-styled games.

Effective immediately, anyone can go to, and gain instant access to a free full version of Ricochet Xtreme. Consider it the coolest party favor ever, and a chance for us to say thank-you to everyone who has made this last nine years possible for us.

"Ricochet was the first downloadable PC game anyone ever showed me," said Reflexive Director of Marketing Russell Carroll. "I was working at another company at the time, when a co-worker showed me this new game called Ricochet that they just couldn't put down. When I saw it, I immediately knew that we'd reached a new era in video games. An era where downloadable computer games were as good as anything at the store. It's a real pleasure to make this classic free."

Reflexive launched the extremely successful Ricochet series back in 2001. The Ricochet games, including the sequel Ricochet Lost Worlds and the further expanded Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged, have been downloaded more than 20 million times and also released on Xbox, Mac and Mobile Phones, becoming one of the most popular and successful series of downloadable games in existence.

Ricochet Xtreme is the game that started it all with its gorgeous graphics, exhilarating music and tantalizing game play. Players can now enjoy all 170 levels set in their original awe-inspiring environments with each of the innovative power-ups and unique specialty bricks for free by going to Reflexive Arcade at and completing the game request form. A full-version copy of the game is available to everyone who requests a copy in this manner before November 15th, 2006.

"As we approached the ninth anniversary of Reflexive being founded, we wanted to say thanks to all our customers who have made making games so enjoyable for us," said Reflexive CEO Lars Brubaker. "Ricochet Xtreme is near and dear to our hearts as it made us realize just how many people were looking for great games to download. After its very successful release we changed our entire business away from boxed games to focus on creating the best games that people could download. We've since expanded on that by also creating the best place to get downloadable games at"

Anyone who takes advantage of this free offer will find other great free services at including Reflexive's customized game recommendation system. If you aren't sure which of the over 500 games to try next, Reflexive has developed a unique system that hand picks games for you based on input that you provide. You can also tell the world what you think about games by writing your own reviews. provides the most robust set of player oriented features of any site on the net.

The free full-version copy of Ricochet Xtreme can immediately be upgraded with all of the additional add-ons available such as the wildly popular Reactive Music Add-on. With this add-on the in-game music is synced with the game play. As the action picks up in the game, the music will react, playing more intense music. When the action slows down, mellower music is played. Other available add-ons include the high-definition art pack that offers more detailed and sharper looking visuals for Ricochet as well as the Round 5 expansion pack, which adds an additional 40 levels to Ricochet Xtreme.

About Reflexive Entertainment:

Founded in 1997, with one goal in mind - to make great games, Reflexive Entertainment ( is known for its top-selling Ricochet and Big Kahuna casual game franchises (with over 30 million total downloads) and its Xbox 360 downloadable game of the year Wik: Fable of Souls. In addition to developing games, Reflexive has created one of the largest casual game distribution networks in existence with more than 500 affiliates distributing a huge catalog of over 550 games to a rapidly growing audience that downloads millions of games each week.

For further information, please contact:

Russell Carroll

Director of Marketing

(949)830-1903 Ext 14

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