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ReedPop launches new Engage data platform

System will enable advertisers to reach customers across both ReedPop's leading websites and physical events parent ReedPop has launched a new audience targeting platform that grants more user insights across the company's entire portfolio of events and publications.

Called ReedPop Engage, this allows advertisers to tailor their campaigns based around data from the attendees of major shows such as New York Comic Con, PAX, EGX and MCM, as well as websites such as Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Dicebreaker, VG247, Digital Foundry and the recently launched Popverse.

It has been built in partnership with the privacy-forward infrastructure of Permutive, and draws on data around content consumption, user surveys, event ticket sales and interactions with physical stands and signage.

Engage uses Brockman (the in-house platform that powers ReedPop's websites, including the recently designed, global ticketing platform Atlas, and user survey tool Apester.

The system is now live, with plans to expand over the coming months with more audience insight from ReedPop's websites, as well as upcoming events such as E3.

“Our brands have always attracted the most dedicated fans around the world – the communities on our websites and the audiences at our live shows have proven that time and again, in the value they deliver to our clients,” said Dan Robinson, ReedPop's group vice president of sales.

“ReedPop Engage means we can back that up with granular, in-depth data that shows how our users stand apart, and enables us to target bespoke audiences that deliver unique, proven campaigns for our clients.”

Permutive co-founder and CEO Joe Root added: “First-party data strategies like the ones employed by ReedPop Engage are uniquely capable of activating audiences at scale responsibly.

“As we look toward a future that’s privacy-forward and doesn’t rely on third-party cookies, partners such as ReedPop, who can safely bring together an ecosystem of audiences, are poised for tremendous success.”

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