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Revealed: The 2023 Best Places To Work Awards US winners

There are 14 winners, including three EA studios

The winners of the 2023 US Best Places To Work Awards have been revealed.

The awards are all about making the games industry a better place to work, and the winners are ultimately decided by an in-depth survey of employees. Over 50 US companies signed up to take part, with 14 winners in total.

The biggest winner of the project is Electronic Arts, with three teams accepting awards. Those teams are: Cliffhanger Games, Ripple Effect and Maxis.

All winning companies are able to use the coveted Best Places To Work Awards badge.

Let's reveal the winners:

Best small companies (10 - 50 staff):
Brass Lion Entertainment
Cliffhanger Games
Gamebreaking Studios
Sandbox Strategies
Uplift Games

Best mid-sized companies (50 - 200 employees):
Bad Robot Games
Ripple Effect
Schell Games
Stoic Studio
Unbroken Studios.

Best large companies (200+):
Iron Galaxy

All of these winners went through the Best Places To Work Awards judging process. Each participant had to fill in an employer form that asked questions around pay, holiday, benefits, social activity, and lots more. This is marked by our team and was worth 20% of the final score.

The bulk of the awards are based on an employee survey. We sent over 50 statements to staff for them to agree or disagree with. The survey covered numerous topics including working environment, work/life balance, management, diversity and more. This was worth 80% of the final score.

In addition, we perform extra checks to ensure any issues that may only affect a small number of employees (primarily issues around discrimination and crunch) are identified. For more information on how the awards are judged, click here.

All participants in the awards will receive a basic report that showcases their scores so they can identify any areas of improvement. The awards are entirely free to take part.

Stay tuned next month for the reveal of the Canada Best Places To Work Awards.

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