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Real SAS & Special Forces For The Games Market

Stirling Services, based in Hereford Wales, are providers of the world's most elite special forces soldiers for media, training, promotional, and specialist services. Our operators are actively involved in today's military world, and our unique experience remains on the cutting edge of the business. If you want to get as close as possible to real combat, and still go home in one piece, Stirling Services can deliver that experience.

You may know us from the SAS Are You Tough Enough series on BBC TV last year, presented by Dermot O'Leary. We now have seven TV shows aired around the world to our credit so far, and more in development. Working with us are famous soldiers like the legendary Chris Ryan (Bravo Two Zero), and John 'Mac' McAleese (Iranian Embassy London).


HIGH IMPACT DEMONSTRATIONS of special forces actions, on location, to promote your product in an extraordinary live dynamic. This includes the use of helicopters, military vehicles and ex SAS troopers and instructors, some of whom are now household names in the UK and abroad.

PARTICIPATION EVENTS We can train regular civilians/contestants to take part in our demos OR create incredible missions for them at our MOD facility in Wales if required.

PRODUCT REVIEW Analysis/reviews from the real perspective of special forces combat veterans.



What we offer is unique and unrivalled. From Hostage Rescue to Combat Missions and Urban Assault scenarios, we offer clients the troops who've actually taken part in some of the most memorable global actions of the last 30 years. If you've seen it in a movie, we'll do the real thing, with the real people, to reinforce the message. Stirling also understand that detail is important. Our selection of weaponry, transport, kit and uniforms from specialist suppliers is carefully chosen to match the theme of your product.


For TV or press, we makes a strong impression. Recently headlined by a journalist as "As Close As It Gets To The Real Thing", our large scale demonstration events have featured in the Daily Telegraph, ITV News and a string of other newspapers and specialist magazines.


Stirling can also offer places on courses and events at our training facility in Wales as competition prizes in promotional campaigns. For example, winners of competitions associated with a military video game series can travel to Wales, meet and train with real SAS veterans, and take part in state of the art simulated missions.


If you think what we offer will give a dynamic edge to your involvement in present and future military games, then contact Nick on the details below.



Tel Nick on 07967 496727

'Military-based TV, training and events, professional and recreational'

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