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Raising the Titanic with videogame technology

Oceanographer wants to release detailed footage of wreck site on game platforms for 2012 anniversary

In an unusual session at the DICE Summit in Las Vegas yesterday, Oceanographer Dr David Gallo revealed fascinating details of his expeditions to map the Titanic, 38,000 feet below the sea.

Most interesting was his idea to collate all the visual data, video and 3D imaging and distribute it to the public via videogame technology.

"We want to release this through a gaming platform. In my mind there's nothing better," he told the audience. "We want to turn it loose, make it accessible to the public."

"That's better than using Discovery, National Geographic or the History channel."

During his work Gallo said that he risked life to record and collate information and footage of the Titanic - a job he hopes to complete later this year with a second visit to the wreck site.

"It's the coolest game on Earth. Controlling this vehicles [sub], you never know what's around the next corner," he added.

2012 is the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, with Gallo aiming roughly to release the footage that year, and he believes that although TV channels will be producing content, videogame technology will allow deeper interaction with the subject.

"We want to share the experience of exploring with other people. We know from looking at the tapes we can reproduce that. You can have just as much excitement watching that through a monitor and have the same experience without the risk of hurricanes."

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