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Puzzle Hero

Match-three puzzler with a heroic expression.

July 1, 2008


Independent game developer Genimo Interactive LLC has announced the release of Puzzle Hero (Windows 98/2000/XP/ME/Vista), its latest offering for the casual market. The game blends traditional "Match-3" puzzle gameplay with certain aspects of the RPG genre to create a unique experience for the player.

"RPGs, as a genre, have traditionally been the realm of hardcore gamers," says David Tchankotadze, Genimo owner and lead programmer, "but we think lighter, hybrid RPGs have a big future in the casual market."

The concept of a Match-3 game will be familiar to many players of casual games; a square grid is filled with various symbols, with the objective being to form three in a row by swapping the positions of neighboring tiles. Puzzle Hero adds an extra level of depth to the genre, however, by using this matching system as the basis for RPG-style combat.

The game's plot arc involves the kidnapping of the player character's brother, Tristan, by the evil sorcerer Zalock and his Army of Darkness. In order to rescue Tristan, the player must guide his character through a series of quests, gradually growing in power in classic RPG style, until the climactic confrontation with Zalock himself. In order to defeat the foes encountered along the way, the player must employ the Match-3 mechanic to line up symbols corresponding to various attack and defense techniques.

Puzzle Hero features bright, cartoony graphics and family-friendly gameplay. The player character is fully customizable, with user-defined appearance and over 150 items, including armor, weapons, clothing and accessories.

Before reaching Zalock, the player will traverse eight environments and do battle with more than 50 different foes. Even once the quest is completed, the game offers replayability in the form of Arena Mode, in which the player can once more do battle with any enemy defeated during the course of the story.

Puzzle Hero is priced at $19.95 and may be downloaded through the company website - http://www.genimo.com/games/puzzle_hero. A free demo is also available.

About the company

Genimo Interactive LLC ( http://www.genimo.com) was founded in 2006 with the goal of making fun, accessible and addictive games for the whole family. Its previous title - Butterfly Escape ( http://www.genimo.com/games/butterfly_escape) - also put a new spin on a classic genre, the marble popper, and has been downloaded over a million times. Genimo plans to move into cross-platform game development in the near future, with games expected for PC, Mac and Apple's new iPhone.


For more information contact David Tchankotadze: dato@genimo.com


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