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PSP retains top spot in Japan

Sony's portable remains the best-seller while all the consoles enjoy rise in sales

Japanese hardware saw a jump for the week ended June 1, with all consoles increasing upon their sales, according to figures from Media Create.

The PSP maintained it's dominance of the market, selling 71, 986 units this week compared to 64,449 last week. The Wii trailed behind with a total of 50,851 units sold, compared to the previous week's 49,047 units.

The Nintedo DS and PlayStation 3 followed, selling 38,355 units, up from 37,404, and 9169 units, up from 9017, respectively.

Sony's PlayStation 2 managed to sell a respectable 7203 units, an increase on last week's 7189 unit sales, while the Xbox 360 lagged behind selling only 1959 units, although this too is an increase on last weeks 1947 units.

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