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PSP has a good few years left in it still, says Kingsley

Rebellion CTO Chris Kingsley says the PSP is incredibly successful but has been in the shadow of the DS

The PSP is a great little platform with a good few years left in it still thanks to its versatility says Rebellion CTO Chris Kingsley.

Speaking to, Kingsley noted that his company has probably done more games on the PSP than most publishers.

"It wasn't a deliberate choice, it just happened. We were very keen on it as a platform and it took off for us," he said.

Kingsley conceded that not as many publishers are supporting the PSP to the extent they once did.

"Well, you know what people are like - they all like to work on the flashy, high-end stuff.

"But there's still very good business to be done on the less glamorous platforms - look at PlayStation 2, it's still selling bucket-loads of consoles and bucket-loads of games, though they've got to be the right games for the right platform."

He noted that the PSP is "kicking the arse of pretty much every other system out there" in Japan because the right games have come out - with a bit of luck, he thinks that some of those games will come out in Europe and be just as successful.

As a developer, Rebellion has the luxury of focusing on a few products at a time - unlike Sony, who has to take a broad approach with multiple projects which aren't necessarily theirs, making it difficult to anticipate what's going to come out.

"But they've done a great job - there are tens of millions of PSPs out there worldwide," he said.

Kingsley seemed to think that the reason the PSP doesn't appear as successful has more to do with the competition.

"It's funny...I guess the PSP has also been a bit in the shadow of the DS, but the PSP is incredibly successful...but I guess that the DS has been a super-amazing platform."

Part one of our interview with Chris Kingsley is online. Part two will be published on Monday.

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