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PS3 sales topped 9 million in fiscal 2008

PSP sales also strong, although software for the handheld remained flat year-on-year

Sony has reported that for the financial year ended March 31, 2008 it sold 9.24 PlayStation 3 consoles globally - up 5.63 million on the previous year - while software sales jumped by 44.6 million to hit 57.9 million across the 12 months.

Meanwhile the PlayStation Portable also performed well in terms of hardware sales, adding 4.36 million units over last year to bring it a total annual sales figure of 13.9 million.

The PlayStation 2, despite its ageing hardware, still shifted 13.73 million units - a decrease year-on-year of 980,000, but a strong performance nonetheless.

In terms of software sales, the PS2's enormous installed base led to sales of 154 million units, down 39.5 million on the year but still almost triple the other PlayStation platforms.

The PSP only showed minimal growth, however, adding just 800,000 games over last year to a 55.5 million total for the year to March 31.

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