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PS3 leads Japanese home console sales

Wii dominance broken, while DS platform tops the region's hardware chart

The Nintendo DS platform has lead the Japanese hardware sales chart for the week ended April 5, according to data provided by Media Create, which saw the PlayStation 3 overtake the Wii as the top selling home console.

DSi sales topped the list at 53,680 units, which combined with DS Lite sales of 8729 to hit a total of 62,409 units.

Sony's PlayStation Portable followed at 48,118 units, while the PlayStation 3 overtook the Wii to become the region's top-selling home console at 20,362 units, confirming earlier reports.

Nintendo's Wii came in at 15,525 units, ahead of the Xbox 360 at 7812 units and PlayStation 2 at 5394.

  • Nintendo DS: 62,409
  • PlayStation Portable: 48,118
  • PlayStation 3: 20,362
  • Nintendo Wii: 15,525
  • Xbox 360: 7812
  • PlayStation 2: 5394

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