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PS3 has become press' whipping boy, says Price

In a preview of an upcoming interview to be published on <a type="ext" href=""> GameDaily BIZ</a>, Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price defends Sony against media criticism.

Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price has spoken out to defend Sony against the criticism it has received in the press.

"I think the PS3 has become the whipping boy for the press, quite honestly," Price told

"I think everyone just wants to fill it full of arrows because Sony's had some pretty amazing success over the years. And it's easy to overlook that it's been, I think, the fastest selling PlayStation console."

Indeed, the PS3 is the fastest-selling console in the UK according to Chart-Track and it reached the one million sales mark in North America faster than both of its predecessors.

"I think its human nature to want to take down the guy on top, and Sony has definitely gotten its share of... Mud [laughs]... But it's unfortunate.

"The fact is that PS3's out there, it's sold well, and we're looking at an upcoming Christmas that should provide a lot of unique content to players, which is pretty exciting... And top among them Ratchet, of course," said Price.

Insomniac, recently chosen as one of the best small and medium sized companies to work for in the US, is finishing up work on Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, which Price referred to as "the largest and most complex game we've ever made".

"Resistance is still the number one PS3 game out there in terms of overall sales, and all of the knowledge [we gained from developing Resistance] we have now applied to Ratchet, and have been able to make Ratchet head and shoulders above Resistance in terms of the visuals and what you'll see in the game," Price said.

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