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Professional Manager: The Evolution

Barcelona, September 14th - On Games and Gaelco Multimedia are finalizing their launch of the next title in the Professional Manager series: Professional Manager 2006.

The most successful Spanish videogame saga is alive and kicking! After last edition's successful launch in most European territories (with more than 350,000 units sold in Europe), On Games and Gaelco Multimedia have worked very hard to improve the manager which will bring you the most genuine football experience of the season: Professional Manager 2006.

Following the series' tradition, the Professional Manager 2006 development team has taken into account and implemented all the suggestions, contributions and indications provided by the huge Professional Manager community. The new features include:

  • Pre-season Mode: This new mode offers the possibility of testing your new team acquisitions or purging your tactics on the field before the season starts.
  • ProManager Mode: Do you have what it takes to become a manager and a sales executive? ProManager is your option then! As a manager, the user will have to make both the club's tactical and financial decisions. Change your team, be promoted and achieve a better status as a real Professional Manager!
  • Assistants: Manage, hire and dismiss a whole executive team, with the help of an experienced General Assistant that will guide your steps throughout your career!
  • New V-Lima system: The new graphic engine allows for real-time viewing of all the changes and tactical decisions you make during the match. In addition, the Virtual Live Manager adds a new playable dimension through the exclusive use of Emotion Icons which will let you know your players' physical and moral status at all times.
  • Commentator: The voices of two famous local commentators in each country's version will make 3D matches even more lively!
  • On-Line Mode: On-line competitions which allow up to 32 players to play simultaneously in different competition formats.
  • The launch of Professional Manager 2006 is scheduled for November 2005 in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

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