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Predicting a console's life-span is "nonsense", says Iwata

President says that Nintendo's only concern is that hardware provides the means to innovate with software

Satoru Iwata has said Sony and Microsoft's attempts to predict how long their consoles will last is becoming "nonsense".

Speaking to the BBC at the E3 event in Los Angeles, Iwata explained that what dictated the life of hardware for Nintendo was when software developers could no longer innovate with it.

"Deciding upon a certain time period that someone can sell is becoming a nonsense. After all, the primary concern for me is not to let consumers purchase hardware but to enjoy software," he said.

"Having said that, however hard our software developers try create new unprecedented titles with great ideas eventually there'll be a day when developers say they have no more means with the hardware, that's exactly the time we need to introduce people to new hardware."

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James Lee